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You can enter a 14-digit reference number or customer ID to check or download the duplicate LESCO Online Bill.

Duplicate LESCO Bill Online Check using Two methods:

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You can check out your reference number or Customer Id from the Previous LESCO Bill, as in the picture.

Duplicate Lesco Bill Online

You can get LESCO Bill official Apps from Google Play Store and Apple App Store to get your bills. But is best plateform to print your bill.

How to print,download and check LESCO Bill Online?

Now a days, the consumer does not need to pay fine becasuse the LESCO bill online check service is available. You can check LESCO Online Bill at You can print or download your duplicate bill copy to pay your bill physically.

The consumers stuffed due to not receiving hard copy on time. Because, the WAPDA Electricity Bills arrive a few days before date. The conusmers face difficulty in paying the bill on time. They have to pay extra bill with fine after the due date.

There is no difference between original hard copy and Online Duplicate copy of Lesco Bill.

You can calculate or estimate you electricity bill using LESCO Bill Calculator. This is a free tool provided by

LESCO Introduction:

LESCO (Lahore Electric Supply Company) founded on March 22, 1998. It formed to lower the WAPDA load. The purpose was to separate the power generation, transmission and distribution of functions for efficiency and management. LESCO created to handle the distribution of electricity in Lahore and its surrounding areas.

LESCO managed by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) and is a contributory of the Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) . LESCO responsibility is to provide electricity to residential, commercial, and industrial consumers in its assigned areas. The main functions of LESCO are:

  • Calculating the bills of electricity consumption
  • Management of customer complaints
  • Meter reading
  • Upholding the supply infrastructure.

The LESCO service areas consist of one division Lahore which has five districts; Kasur, Lahore, Nankana, Okara and Sheikhupura.

Areas Under LESCO Bill:

LESCO is responsible to distribute energy to 5 districts of Punjab. LESCO consumer lives in any of the following listed districts.

Areas Under LESCO Bill Company

Guidelines For Saving LESCO Electricity Bill :

Now a days, the cost of electricity bills increases. So the customers try to save their energy to reduce bills cost. Following are the guidelines to help you in managing electricity bill cost.

  • The consumers should Turn off extra lights.
  • Use of New LED lights instead of the old lights.
  • Air Conditioners (A.C) , electric heaters, microwave ovens, water pumps and washing machines consume high power. Minimize the use of these devices and air conditioner thermostat should consist of 26 degrees.
  • The LESCO has defined the peak hours between 6 PM to 10 PM, in which cost of electricity use is high. So, consumers must beware in peak hours.
  • Select those machines, water pumps and microwave ovens that consume less power.
  • Use the best electric wires provided by billing company.
  • Unplug unused chargers, switches and devices.

LESCO Bill Peak Hours 2023:

LESCO Bill online Peak Hours 2023 are as follows:

December to February5 PM to 9 PM
March to May6 PM to 10 PM
June to August7 PM to 11 PM
September to November6 PM to 10 PM
Lesco Bill Peak Hours 2023

Consumer’s manual Safety Measures By LESCO:

Electricity is among life necessities now days. The Life is incomplete without it, as each part is associated with it. The electricity has disadvantages and benefits.If we use it without care, it can be risky. The consumers must adopt safety measures according LESCO SOPS to avoid any incident. Following SOPS are defined by LESCO.

  1. During rain, do not touch the wires or poles.
  2.  You can call LESCO helpline number at 118 or sms at 8118 during 24 hours in a day to inform the incident. Moreover, Central complaint and monitoring cell helpline numbers are 042-99205461-2 and 0320-052088. You can also use Customer complaint management system (CCMS) for this. You can also email on for complaints.
  3.  Don’t hang clothes on electricity cables, and always use quality cables.
  4.  Dono’t tie the animals with power poles.
  5.  If any wire is naked, repair it quickly for safety.
  6.  Don’t repair the wires which are lying in water.
  7.  If someone accidently faces an electricity incident, inform the rescue 1142 immediately.
  8.  Don’t touch the electricity appliances if any part of your body and clothes is wet.

Customer Complaint Management System (CCMS)

The Govt. of Pakistan has developed an online customer complaint management system (CCMS) with the help of PITB to register complaints. You can also track complaints, verify connections and check the load-shedding schedule on this online portal. Click CCMS to enter a complaint.

CCMS interface

How to Check Load Shedding Schedule LESCO Bill online 2023?

Process to check Load shedding shedule using CCMS:

  • Visit the CCMS official Website.
  •  The second step is to Click on feeder details.
  •  You will see a search bar asking for an Entering reference number.
  •  Now click on the search button, and you will see the complete load-shedding schedule of your feeder. The “OFF” indicates the feeder will be off during that time.
  •  You can click on search by city, grid, and feeder to get load-shedding information by city or grid station.
  •  Select City Name or Grid Name Feeder Name or Feeder Code from the drop-down, write the name and click on find.

Load shedding in Pakistan is a big problem, and customers suffer inconvenience during unannounced load shedding.
You can get information on the Load Shedding schedule for the LESCO Bill by entering the reference number. You can use your city, feeder and name of grid station to check the LESCO Load shedding schedule.

Check out our article about LESCO NEW Connection and LESCO Online Bill Payment Process.

Register and Track Complaints against LESCO using CCMS

Register Complaint at CCMS against LESCO Bill Online:

You can use the CCMS portal to register and track complaints against LESCO. I will show you a few simple steps to register and track complaints on CCMS.

  • Visit the CCMS site.
  •  Now Click on the Register Your complaint Complaint.
  •  You can use the reference number, CNIC or the Mobile number from the given drop-down to register your complaint.
  •  Now, Enter the nearest place and Select the Complaint Category from the drop-down.
  •  Now Select Complaint Type.
  •  Write the complaint details now and attach a written complaint image as well.
  •  Now, Click on the Register Complaint Button to complete the process.
Track LESCO Bill Complaint at CCMS by reference number:

Process to track LESCO Bill Online complaint is given below.

  • You can click on Track your complaint present in the navigation bar.
  •  Now, enter your 14-digit reference number and click the search button. Now, your complaint status history will be on your screen.

Note: The LESCO will aknowledge your complaint within 24 hours. Your complaint resolving duration is 14 days.


Extension of Due Date for LESCO Online Bill Payment:

The Lesco officers have the right to extend the due date of the LESCO Bill. If the consumer does not pay the bill on time, he has to pay a late fine.

However, a few LESCO officers are able to extend the due date according to their payment powers.

Following are the details of LESCO officers whom you can contact to extend your bill due date.

  1. SDO/RO/AM(CS)/AMO (Assistant Manager Operation) can extend the due date of a maximum of 3 days for bills up to R.s 50,000
  2.  XEN/DMO (Deputy Manager Operation) can extend the due date of a maximum of 3 days for bills up to R.s 200,000
  3.  SE/Manager (Operations) can extend the due date of a maximum of 5 days for bills up to R.s 500,000
  4.  Director Commercial can extend the due date of a maximum of 5 days for bills up to R.s 1000,000
  5.  CE/CSD (Chief Engineer/ Customer Services Director) can extend the due date of a maximum of 8 days for bills up to RS. 20 Million.
  6.  CEO (chief executive officer) can extend the due date by a maximum of 10 days for all amounts of the bill.

LESCO Bill Installment Procedure:

Electricity bill prices are rising day by day. Each consumer is worried about Lesco’s Bill Payment. The company will suspend your connection in the case of non-payment of the bill.

The LESCO officers are allowed to give installment facilities to users. If your bills are high, you can pay your bill in installments. Following are the details of LESCO officials, you can contact to apply for installments.

  1. SDO/RO/AM(CS)/AMO (Assistant Manager Operation) can make 03 monthly installments for amounts of bills up to Rs. 50,000/-
  2.  XEN/DMO (Deputy Manager Operation) can make 03 monthly installments for the amount of bills up to Rs. 200,000/-
  3.  SE/Manager (Operations) can make 04 monthly instalments for the amount of bills up to Rs. 500,000/-
  4.  Director Commercial can make 05 monthly instalments for the amount of bills up to Rs. 1000,000/-
  5.  CE/CSD (Chief Engineer/ Customer Services Director) can make 12 monthly installments for the amount of bills up to Rs. 20 Million.
  6.  CEO (chief executive officer) have Full powers for all amounts.

Taxes in LESCO Bill

LESCO Bill includes taxes in it with electricity actual bills. These taxes are a burden on the consumers. Their detail is below.

Apart from high electricity rates, you also pay taxes on your LESCO bill. The details of taxes are as follows:


FPA in electricity bills stands for Fuel Price Adjustment. The FPA is imposed by NEPRA, to adjust the difference in fuel prices. The billing company adds an average amount of bills to cover its losses.

F.C. Surcharge

F.C. surcharge in electricity bills stands for Financing cost surcharge. The rate for F.C. recharge is 43 Paisa per unit. You can calculate your bill F.C. surcharge by multiplying the total units consumed by 0.43. i.e. 202*0.43=86.86 will be your F.C. surcharge.


The LESCO Bill also includes fixed price of RS. 35 into the bill to arise funds for Pakistan Television (PTV).


This Quarterly Tarrif adjustment is applied 4 times in a year after 3 months.


GST in electricity bills stands for General Sales tax. The bills contain 17% of GST in electricity cost.

Electricity duty

These are the charges imposed by LESCO on behalf of Government.

LESCO Bill Online Payment Procedure

Th consumer can pay LESCO bill online using following means:

  • EasyPaisa and Jazzcash
  • Online Banking Apps

The detailed procedure for LESCO Bill Payment is discussed here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) Lesco Bill

How can I check my LESCO Electricity bill is paid or not status?

To check your LESCO Electricity bill payment status:
1.   Open JazzCash or Easypaisa app.
2.   Go to the “Bill Payment” option.
3.   Click on the “Electricity Bills” tab.
4.   Enter the reference number.
5.   The app will display the status of whether your bill is paid or not.

I don’t have an old LESCO bill, how can I find my reference number to check the bill?

To find your reference number for the bill:
1.   Access the Customer Complaint Management System (CCMS).
2.   Choose “Complaint Navigation” from the options.
3.   Select “Mobile Number or CNIC” from the drop-down menu.
4.   Enter your registered phone number.
5.   Obtain your reference number for the bill.

How can I apply for Lesco bill correction?

You can call LESCO helpline number at 118 or sms at 8118 during 24 hours in a day. Furthermore you can call on the following Mobile numbers for bill correction or complaint.
1.   Northern Circle 0320-0521100
2.   Central Circle 0320-0521200
3.   Eastern Circle 0320-0521300
4.   Okara Circle 0320-0521400
5.   Southern Circle 0320-0521500
6.   Sheikhupura Circle 0320-0521600
7.   Kasur Circle 0320-0521700
8.   Nankan Circle 0320-0521800

Can I check my LESCO bill online with the CNIC number?

Yes, you can check the Lesco online bill with CNIC number before this you have to track your reference number. To find your reference number for the bill:
1.   Access the Customer Complaint Management System (CCMS).
2.   Choose “Complaint Navigation” from the options.
3.   Select “CNIC” from the drop-down menu.
4.   Enter your CNIC.
5.   Obtain your reference number for the bill.

How can I get my old LESCO bill?

If you have any of your old bills, they contain a 12-month history. You can check the units and amount paid monthly. If you do not have an old bill, visit and enter your reference number or customer ID to check your bill online. Now you can see the previous 12 months’ units and the amount in it.

How to get electricity bill online?

You can receive your LESCO electricity bill online visiting the website You can get it through sms and email as well.

Can I check my LESCO bill online with meter number?

No, you can check the Lesco bill online with CNIC number before this you have to track your reference number. To find your reference number for the bill:
1.   Access the Customer Complaint Management System (CCMS).
2.   Choose “Complaint Navigation” from the options.
3.   Select “CNIC” from the drop-down menu.
4.   Enter your CNIC.
5.   Obtain your reference number for the bill.

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